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FAQ Details in English test
40How do I become a member of The Canadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
41What is the SNC policy, which requires membership in your association?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
42I have forgotten my login and password information, what should I do?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
44Where can I find a copy of the  NCCP Policy and Procedure Manual for swimming?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
45How do I register for an NCCP Course - How do I find a course in my area?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
73Where can I find the Making Ethical Decisions on-line (MED) Evaluation Module?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
82Backstroke TurnRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
83BreaststrokeRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
84Butterfly TurnRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
85Electronic Relay TakeoversRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
86False StartsRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
87Judging Strokes vs. TurningRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
88Minimum Pool DepthRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
89Timing System ProceduresRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
91Will coaches taking Level 4 Tasks at an NCI also have to pay a second task fee to CSCTA?Level 4 - 5FaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
93Instructins for the MED Module on the coach.ca web siteMED ModuleFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
95I would like to move to Canada to find a job in coaching. What do I need to know?Moving To CanadaFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
96I would like to send a resume to CSCTA so that it can be circulated to Canadian Swim ClubsMoving To CanadaFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
97How does a coach from another country gain access to the deck at SNC Desin=gnated Meets? (Nationals, Trials, Age Grout Nationals, etc)Deck Access SNC Designated MeetsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
99I have questions about the NCCP program, where can I go for help?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
101Where can I find information on legal bathing suits that are permitted for use in competitions?Rule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
102My membership fees have been paid, how do I complete the registration process?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
103How do I sign up for a NCCP coaching course?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView
104What are the membership costs to register with the CSCTA?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic.aspxView

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