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Job Posting Details

Position: Senior Coach Club: Chinook Swim Club
Location: Sunshine Coast,British Columbia Club Size: 70
Contact Name: Sarah Hynd Email: sarahgill2@hotmail.com
Phone: 604-989-9020 Attachment:

Chinook Swim Club Job Description


Compensation: Depends on qualifications

Employment: part time



The Chinook swim club is seeking qualified applicants to fill a senior coach position for the 2017/18 swim season, which runs from September to June.  Please note this is not a full time job.


The Chinook Swim club is located on the Sunshine Coast inBritish Columbia.  This is a 40 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.  This is a great job opportunity for someone that has a passion for swimming and would like to work with our club as it grows.  The Sunshine Coast is ideal for those that love the outdoors.  Our coastal community offers activities for those that enjoy the outdoors such as hiking, Kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and year-round golfing.  Our coastal community has all necessary amenities as well as being near by a large metropolitan area. 


Our club swims out of the Sechelt Aquatic Center.  We had approximately 70 swimmers registered during our 2017 swim season.  Over the past season, we have developed our club into a more competitive model.  Swimmers range from 7-16 years old.  Most of our swimmers are new to competitive swimming and will need guidance in what it means to become a competitive swimmer.  Last year our club attended a couple non-sanctioned meets off coast along with three sanctioned meets for our more advanced swimmers.  This experience provided swimmers with the opportunity to compete and showed them the excitement of swimming at a competitive level. 


This year we are working with our swimmers to improve their conditioning and knowledge around competitive swimming.  We also hold mini-meets at our pool in Sechelt.  Here our swimmers compete against each other.  These mini-meets promote team unification and an opportunity for those swimmers to compete that do not want to travel off coast.   This also provides swimmers with the opportunity to challenge them-selves to attain best times a couple times a year.


Our Junior and Senior swimmers currently practice Monday andWednesday from 5:15-7:00, Friday from 4:15-5:30 and Tuesday and Thursday morning 6:05-7:25.  Our novice swimmers are in the pool 5:45-6:30 and super novice runs 5:45-6:45.  Saturday practice is 8:15-9:15 for junior and senior swimmers. . 


As a senior coach, you are required to take the certification required by swim BC for your level of swimmers.  As part of your job description you would be required to attend the swim meets that are chosen by the club. 



NCCP level 1 or intent to become level one certified

201 preferred

Willingness to attain higher level certification as the club grows and swimmers become more competitive

Head or Assistant Coach experience

Technical knowledge of all four strokes, starts and turns for swimmers ranging from beginner to competitive.

Good organizational, time management, communication, and leadership skills,

Ability to communicate and work well with others



-Liaise with other coaches and the Board of directors

-Create and execute a season plan and effectively communicate the plan with membership and executive

-Create and promote healthy sportsmanship on deck

-Take a leadership role with the team and support swimmers attain their goals

-Be an advocate for our team at meets

-Run a well organized workout (attentive solving swimmer/lane distribution problems, using a stop watch, and setting these same expectations for other coaches and the swimmers

-Attend executive meetings when required

-Attend the swim meets that our club chooses to attend

-Various administrative duties as required (ex. Club-wide emails regarding upcoming meets, events

-Become familiar with our website and be willing to use it to increase communication between our swimmers, families and the community




To be discussed and will depend on experience and duties

-Reimbursement for swim meet transportation

-Ferry, Fuel, food. Reimbursement for “reasonable”accommodation for off coast meets

-Coaches are treated as independent contractors for the club, we do not withhold tax, EI or CPP deductions on behalf of the coach a, we do not issue T4 slips


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