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I have forgotten my login and password information, what should I do?My Account
My membership fees have been paid, how do I complete the registration process?My Account
I’m looking at my account information and my NCCP # is wrong, or I don’t have my coaching certification correctly listed. How can I fix this?My Account
I have received a confirmation email with my membership card attached and it is incorrect. It states that I do not have any NCCP levels completed. How can I have this updated?My Account
My account says I am only Fundamental Coach certified but I have Age Group Coach trained. Can this be updated?My Account
I haven’t received my coaching card from CSCTA, but have checked my account and answered all the screening questions. How can I get my coaching card?My Account
I tried to log into my account but unfortunately with no luck. After I entered my username and password, the page showed that my account is inactive. What can I do?My Account
I coach for an age group club and a masters club. Both are registered separately with Swimming Canada. How do I add a secondary club to my profile?My Account
How do I become a member of The Canadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association?Coach Registration
What are the membership costs to register with the CSCTA?Coach Registration
I would like to register as a coach with the CSCTA, and am part of a Canadian club, how do I go about doing this?Coach Registration
Is there an age limit on coaches registering with the CSCTA?Coach Registration
Our club has submitted payment for our coaches, but they aren’t listed to submit entries for a swim meet. How come?Coach Registration
We registered a coach who is already registered with another club, what can we do?Coach Registration
We have 5 coaches on one invoice and we are waiting for one to submit a VSC, but we need to upload entries for a swim meet, how can we make this happen faster?Coach Registration
I would like to maintain my membership with CSCTA as an associate member.  I will not be coaching but I want to stay in touch.  How do I do this?Coach Registration
How can I upgrade my CSCTA coaching level to an “A1” or “B” level?Coach Registration
What if I’m not upgraded and I coach on deck at a Swimming Canada National meet?Coach Registration
I am taking swimmers to a different country and the NSO is requesting a letter from our coaching association.  Coach Registration
Our municipality/city requires a letter from the CSCTA to prove our club coaches are certified, registered and considered “In good standing” by the CSCTA.  Can you provide this?Coach Registration
I see there is an expiration date on my PD points and I have many to collect. How can I find more PD points in time?Professional Development (PD) Points
I have attended a conference or have been a coach for a Regional/Provincial/National camp or competition and don’t see any PD points for that. Who can I contact?Professional Development (PD) Points
I attended the ASCA Conference and want to make sure my PD points are added to my profile. How do I go about doing this?Professional Development (PD) Points
Where can I find the Making Ethical Decisions on-line (MED) Evaluation Module?NCCP
Where can I find a copy of the  NCCP Policy and Procedure Manual for swimming?NCCP
How do I register for an NCCP Course - How do I find a course in my area?NCCP
I have questions about the NCCP program, where can I go for help?NCCP
How do I sign up for a NCCP coaching course?NCCP
I have misplaced my NCCP #.  How do I find out what it is?NCCP
I would like to move to Canada to find a job in coaching. What do I need to know?International Coaches
How does a coach from another country gain access to the deck at Swimming Canada Designated Meets? (Swimming Championships, Trials, Junior Nationals, etc)International Coaches
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