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CSCTA Updates - Covid 19

Posted 2020-03-26


As we navigate the every changing landscape that is being dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic the CSCTA is endeavouring to provide evolving resources for our membership.

  1. The CSCTA strongly implores its members to continue to adhere to the recommendations as outlined by your specific Provincial and Regional Public Health Officers, as that advice will be the most applicable to your regional situation.  

  2. We have added a page to our website at that we will continue to update with pertinent links and information.  Check the page regularly.  

  3. We are in close communication with Swimming Canada, the Provincial Sections and our other Partners on a regular basis.  

  4. We are working to reschedule our Annual General Meeting and an official notice with more information will be sent out in April.  
  5. It is important for you to understand the various rules and regulations as they pertain to your individual situation.  Take the time to research, read and understand information that you may need to rely on.  

    1. Insurance coverage for instruction and sanctioned club activities is provincially driven it is important to understand the landscape in your jurisdiction.  With the significant changes imposed upon us each of the PSO's are working with their insurance providers and will provide more information directly to coaches in their Province when available.  

    2. Employment laws vary by Province.  There are some links available at which may provide some information.  Also remember to check your Provincial Section for more links and information.  

    3. While there is national support during this time for businesses and individuals there are also various Provincial initiatives across the country.  There are some links provided at  

  6. Some reminders and suggestions for all coaches during this time: 

    1. It is important that we all stay active during this time both mentally and physically.  

    2. Use this time to complete online Professional Development for NCCP PD Points.  A few options are available online here  

    3. Use this time to work on projects that you might have been putting off until later in the season.  

    4. Check out the over 100 conference presentations available on the newly launched CSCTA Video Library.  We will be working to create new content in the coming weeks and months to add to the library. 

  7.  Remember to follow the CSCTA on Facebook (CSCTA) for updates and information.  If you have something that you think would be a valuable addition to the CSCTA Facebook page please send links to  
As always should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Chris Hindmarch-Watson
Executive Director

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