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20 Coaches Announced for Inaugural CSCA Technical Development Cohort with Russell Mark

Posted 2023-11-14

The Canadian Swimming Coaches Association (CSCA) is thrilled to announce the successful applicants for a unique Professional Development opportunity, through our inaugural "Technical Development Cohort," aimed at fostering advanced skills and expertise among swimming coaches. This comprehensive program, spanning five sessions from November 2023 through April 2024, is set to elevate the capabilities of swimming professionals across Canada.


Led by the esteemed Russell Mark, a renowned figure in the field of technical development and race tactics, this program promises to be a transformative experience for all participants. Russell Mark's wealth of knowledge and experience ensures that each session will be a valuable learning opportunity for coaches looking to enhance their technical acumen and coaching strategies.


The CSCA received an overwhelming number of applicants for this program which made the selection very difficult.  We thank all of those who took the time to apply for the program.  The successful candidates who have been selected to participate in the Technical Development Cohort exemplify a commitment to excellence and a passion for advancing their coaching skills. The diverse group of coaches includes:


1. Judy Baker

2. Jonathan Blouin

3. Cole Bergen

4. Michael Brooks

5. Kimberley Campbell

6. Nemanja Colic

7. Francois Coetzer

8. Tina Hoeben

9. Alex Johnson

10. Josh Koldon

11. Nicholas Lapointe

12. Joni Maerten-Sanders

13. Mike Meldrum

14. Laura Nicholls

15. Tom Ponting

16. Alexandra Pettifer

17. Jennifer Robinson

18. Sarah Rudolf

19. Leanne Sirup

20. Sarah Steinke


Over the course of the five sessions, participants will engage in in-depth discussions, practical demonstrations, and group activities, covering a range of technical aspects crucial for coaching success in the swimming domain.


"This new Professional Development learning opportunity is a testament to our commitment to advancing the skills and expertise of swimming coaches in Canada," said Chris Hindmarch-Watson, Executive Director at CSCA. "We believe that investing in the development of our coaches directly contributes to the growth and success of our athletes."


The Technical Development Cohort aligns with CSCA's mission to create the environment necessary for Canadian swim coaches to learn, thrive and succeed in the swimming landscape.  We will continue to provide high-quality education and resources for swimming coaches, ultimately enhancing the level of coaching excellence in the Canadian swimming community.



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